Domestic / Residential Sprinkler System

Domestic / Residential Sprinkler Systems are designed, installed and maintained to protect the means of escape from fire and enable the occupants or residents to escape if a fire was to start.


Fire Sprinklers are used more than any other fixed fire protection and there are over 40 million heads fitted around the world each year. Loses from fires in property adequately protected by sprinkler systems are estimated to be 1/10 of those in unprotected buildings.


Our piping systems feature not only a long service life, but also excellent environmental and social compatibility. The pipes we use are 100% recycleable, there is no product to go to landfill, this also improves your BREEAM rating.

BS 9251:2005

Domestic / Residential Sprinkler Systems are currently covered by BS 9251:2005 Sprinkler systems for residential and domestic occupancies. Code of practice.

The fire sprinkler system could include the following: -

  • mains water supply;
  • water tank and pump

CDL is a member of BAFSA and the NFPA. We use innovative systems which enable greater control over normally installed systems. This ensures the system installed is always maintained in a serviceable state and provides information for building and property managers.



Before any on-site installation work is carried out, a system is designed using hydraulic calculations from the supplied plans. This ensures your system meets the design expectations. If this is not carried out the system may not function correctly to protect the means of escape within the property. The fire sprinkler system would also not comply with British Standards.

Our design team have all received FIRAS approved training are experienced fire safety professionals.



Our installation teams are qualified sprinkler fitters who are certified for the installation of domestic / residential fire sprinkler systems. They specialise in providing swift, efficient installation of your system.

Our unrivalled attention to detail, coupled with an acute adherence to fire protection standards and customer requirements allow us to achieve the highest quality fire sprinkler systems.



The final step of the sprinkler system installation, commissioning is possibly the most important step in the installation of the sprinkler system. All the pipework will be hydraulically tested and we will ensure the flow and pressure that is required for the system to function correctly are achieved.

Once we are satisfied the system is as it should be, a commissioning certificate will be produced and the installation will be complete.



Maintenance of the fire sprinkler systems is normally carried out annually. We can include, within this service, a test of all additional systems that are linked to the sprinkler system.

If there are any problems or system faults recorded then a full report will be provided stating exactly what remedial work is required.


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CDL Sprinkler Protection offer fire protection solutions to domestic, residential and commercial customers throughout the UK and is a member of BAFSA.

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